I discovered RPW a couple weeks ago and for the most part have found the guidelines and advice useful, and hope to apply some of it to my life. I am hoping to become more graceful and poised and working being more feminine from within (I already am pretty outwardly feminine)

But there is one thing that always caught my attention, and that is that many posters and commentators here advocate for having really long hair. This can range from "Don't have a very short haircut like most men have"(pixie cut I guess) to "Grow it out as long as you possibly can." In fact, I saw a long time ago someone link an article that mentioned American women need to grow their hair down to their butt.

So clearly, there are differing opinions on what this means. But then I realized, very long hair was not very popular for women in the early and mid 20th century. And this was a time period when women were seen as more graceful and feminine then they are today. Old school feminine beauty icons, such as Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor to name a few, all didn't have really long hairstyles.

I'm possibly wrong here and maybe have the wrong definition of what having long hair means. Maybe I misunderstood and long hair includes shoulder-length hair, and the main key is to not have a very short masculine haircut. But to me a haircut is only one element of a feminine appearance, and there are very feminine women with shoulder length hair (popularly called a long bob today) What do you think?