This isn't really a problem in my relationship, but I'm wondering if there are better ways I could be handling things. I generally have a higher sex drive than my boyfriend. I want it everyday, multiple times a day, and if left to my own devices (and if I have nowhere to be), I'm happy to masturbate 1-4 times a day regardless of sex. He's happier with it once every other day--mostly because we're tired at the end of a long day. Because of this, I end up initiating in some way pretty often--I'd say most of the time, and by extension, I get turned down quite a bit, which I don't love. There are also times where he goes to bed and I'm still awake and will go into the other room to masturbate, which he knows.

Basically, I'm wondering if this (in general, I know none of you can speak for him) is emasculating or annoying or makes a man feel inadequate. I'm also wondering if giving him more room to initiate would give him more room to be dominant/pursue me, which I like. I know Laura Doyle talks about how you should never initiate. I do hear men on TRP, in real life, and elsewhere on the internet talk about how they wish their gfs/wives would initiate, but I'm not sure how they'd actually react if she wanted it/initiated it all the time and they had to turn her down.

How do you ladies handle it in your relationships? And men--how would you prefer your SO handle things? Is my behavior domineering/pushy?

Edit: Thank you to all who replied! I'm making a conscious effort to back off initiating/being pushy and anything past being flirty and responsive. I'll let this play out for a few weeks and see how things go.