So I've fallen down into the rabbit hole of reading TRP relationship advice blogs geared at women, and the more I read the more I find myself agreeing. I'm 20 and I realized that I've been wasting the most attractive years of my life by putting in minimal effort with my appearance, and being unapproachable (I often get anxious in social situations, don't go out much). That's definitely going to change. But I have a few things I'd like to clear up, as someone who's single and would like to get back into the dating scene on the right foot.

The idea is that you shouldn't give up sex on the first date, or just too quickly in general, or he won't respect you. How long is too long, before he loses interest and thinks you're a prude? I've heard you should demand exclusivity before having sex with a man. How would you go about doing that, and how do you know he's not just going to say, "yeah, sure babe, whatever" while playing you?

I've had issues before with getting stuck in a FWB-type relationship. It was more than just meaningless sex, we had great conversations and sometimes it would feel like there was a future there, I had feelings for the guy, but he never wanted to turn into something more. You know what I'm talking about.... How does one avoid those wishy-washy, noncommittal situations? Everyone hates those "so, what are we?" talks. Should you make it clear that you're only interested in a serious relationship from the get-go? First date? How do you do that without coming off too strong?

One thing that guys have said is, "Well let's just see how it goes, I don't want to rush into anything", which I've always accepted, but now I think that's just a cop-out for when a man doesn't want to commit. I thought that insisting on commitment would make me seem too clingy/overbearing/whatever, so I tried to be cool with the "not really dating" thing, hoping that not putting pressure on him to call it a relationship and remaining passive/cheerful about the whole thing would somehow make him see me favorably and want to eventually commit. (Didn't work, of course.)

How do you get through the courting/getting to know each other period without letting it draw out too long? Should you avoid giving him the benefits of a girlfriend (sex, and everything else) without him actually committing to that, or should you put it all out there? I've heard guys say that they wouldn't commit to a girl who hasn't shown them that she has "girlfriend abilities", which is fair enough, but I also wouldn't want to always cook and clean for, support, and consistently go out of my way to do nice things for a guy who just shrugs and says he "wants to see where it goes". How do you show him "this is what you'll get if you decide to make me your girlfriend"?

I apologize if this sounds ridiculous... I'm new and inexperienced to this and desperately need guidance. lol.