Inspired by the post about showing appreciation to men. Depending what kind of guy you've got, they will respond differently to different kinds of praise. If you compliment him and he doesn't respond favorably, consider that you aren't wording it in a way that he can accept as praise.

As an example, my SO hates comments like "You make the best food" or "Damn you're handsome", but he responds really well to "I really love your cooking today" or "I find you so handsome". Sound the same, right? What's the difference? Objective praise versus subjective praise. He knows that his cooking isn't "the best" end-all-be-all fare, so stating such rings false and irritates him. But he feels great when I'm mentioning how I'M happy how the food turned out, and that I personally find him handsome, because he knows that's subjectively true.

Your SO's might prefer an entirely different style of compliment, but there's mine as an example, so you can find what kind of words work for yours. If you've already got your SO figured out in that department, please share. It might help others out.

Edited for clarification: This doesn't mean overly praise him for every little thing. It should be genuine, and when warranted.