I was toying with the idea of writing a children's book for girls under 10 about balancing femininity, friendliness, and manners, with strength, self-respect, and boundaries.

A lot of people seem to think you have to be one or the other. Either a tough tomboy bitch who don't need no man, and does things her own way; or else a beautiful delicate frail pushover with no agency, mind of her own, or hobbies outside of taking care of her man. Most of us know this not to be the case, because most of us are a good mix of traits. Gamers in STEM fields who love to dress girly and bake for loved ones, SAHMs in book clubs who love watching pro-wrestling or football or MMA with their man, businesswomen who lead with encouragement and respect instead of ball-busting for the sake of ball-busting, and any variation of traits. As well, you can be polite, kind, giving, and girly, but still not let people walk all over you, and have your own life and hobbies and goals. I would love to show a character who could balance both sides, or else three characters (2 going about either extreme and meeting problems, but the balanced one having more success).

What traits do you think should be explored and either encouraged or discouraged? What lessons would you find important to teach young girls so that they can have greater success in life with regards to social skills, dating, and life choices?