I met a guy 1.5 months ago, tonight will be our 8th date. There is definitely a lot of potential there - we share the same faith, plans for the future, and many similar interests. Add those the fact that we both have admitted to how much we like each other, and this is the best prospect I've had in a while!

A few weeks ago, he brought up the topic of when we would "define the relationship". I wanted to take things slow, after previous relationships that were entered into far too quickly (I was young and stupid, yes). He agreed and felt the same.

At this point, neither of us is seeing anyone else and I would like to pursue things with him further. I get the same feeling from him. My question is, do I wait for him to bring it up again or should I? Since I chose the "let's wait" path, is it up to me to bring up that I am now comfortable with taking the next step?

After dates/relationships where I would fight tooth and nail to maintain control, I'm trying to take a more submissive RP approach to my current situation. I've read here that it's important to let the man take the lead, including in terms of defining the relationship. But is it possible, as he already mentioned it, he's waiting for me to bring the topic up again?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT, clarification: This is a non-sexual question. Although there is a definitely attraction, we are both devout Christians and are committed to waiting until marriage. I'm asking in terms of becoming boyfriend/girlfriend and dating exclusively.