My husband recently earned a promotion at work (hooray! ) but it has risen his stress levels to an alarming place. I am so proud of him, but feel like I really cannot contribute to his peace of mind right now.

I have meals prepared when he gets home, his favorite shirt is always clean, I make sure to satisfy him sexually, and I work part time to cover whatever food cravings I might want plus gas money for both of us. He has made it very clear that he doesn't want my mind on money, which is the thing I find easiest to manage... surrendered that one. I'm also tired all of the time (screw pregnancy symptoms, except for the glow) and uncomfortable and physically hurting (sciatica) often.

I have been asking him how I could help with things, knowing he's got the world in his back right now trying to take care of everything by himself, and he said that he would like me to have his clothes laid out for the next day, to save him time in the mornings. I also suggested making a lunch for him to take to work (he doesn't eat often enough at work, which affects his mood) which he agreed to. I'm sure there's more I can do, because when he mentioned the clothes being laid out I thought "duh, why haven't I been doing that?" So, what do you do for your captain when you know he's navigating some choppy waters? ;)

Also, any tips for the fatigue and sciatic nerve pain? I didn't have this problem before I got pregnant (I'm 13 weeks along) and I've been dealing with the emotional part pretty well... Husband says pregnancy isn't an excuse for outbursts or slacking on housework (he's really not asking much) and if I complain, I have to quit my job (I want to keep my job because I have no family or friends within 100 miles of where we live, and it keeps me sane. Come September, caring for the baby will be my job). How did you keep your grace during pregnancy? And how did you care for yourself? I've never had to put effort into taking care of myself health wise, first pregnancy...