My best friend's father passed away unexpectedly. She is devastated. I drove her to the airport over the weekend and spent the evening with her. I am having a hard time with this.

My boyfriend is being super sweet and understanding. I admittedly have been very fortunate in life and have not experienced loss of a close relative. I feel so emotionally sad, scared, helpless and really needy right now. I just want to spend 24 hours with my boyfriend and be held and know that he is there.

He has always known me to be very happy, optimistic, strong and fun, and he is worried about me and keeps telling me to take care of myself. I'm so afraid of my feelings and feeling helpless. I want to lean on him, but I also know that I'm being incredibly needy right now, and probably in a very unattractive way. Like I need to get myself together.

I'm so shaken up. How should I work out my sadness and fear and let my bf know I appreciate and am grateful for him and let him know I will be okay and back to myself again someday (soon hopefully)? I'm scared that this is pushing him away and he probably feels helpless to help me too and men are problem solvers. This is a big rambling mess, so thanks for reading.