One thing I struggle with greatly is making and keeping friends. Every friendship I've had (and subsequently pulled away from) since high school has been toxic. Women who always bitched about their boyfriends or slept around then complained they couldn't find a steady relationship. Men who only wanted to sleep with me or my friends.

So, I find myself mid-twenties and entirely friendless. I am in a wonderful relationship with a supportive Captain, but he has a hobby (that I fully support) that takes him away ~2 weekends a month. We live together so we get plenty of time together, no issues there, but on the weekends he's gone I feel like I "lose time." I clean the house, workout, little things. But it gets lonely.

I've though of trying to make friends, but I live in a small-ish town with no car. Plenty of restaurants/shops within walking distance but not really opportunities to meet people. No MeetUp groups that I'd fit into (I'm atheist/childfree and the only nearby groups are religious or for play-dates) and I'm just at a loss of where to look now. How do women in their twenties even make friends? Especially ones who aren't blinded by popular SJW culture?