Hello ladies, if I could borrow your cooking ideas for a moment.

My mans parents will be staying with us next weekend and I am stumped for what to cook. They will be here for 3 days, one of which we plan to go out to dinner, but I want to cook the other 2 nights because a) they have been traveling for the last few weeks and so haven't had a home cooked meal, and b) my man and I are trying to save for a house and don't want to blow our budget. The problem is the only thing I know about their taste is that my partners dad loves garlic and neither of them have any allergies.

If any of you ladies could suggest some dishes that are relatively safe I would be very grateful. I also want to have something small that they can eat throughout the day if they want so they don't have to have junk food.

BONUS QUESTION; is there anything extra I should do to make them feel at home? I'm doing all the usual things for guests, writing down the wifi password, extra towls, phone charges etc. Is there anything else I can do?