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Don't fall for "natural".

September 10, 2019

So someone asked how, if femininity was hard to achieve for some women, could it really be "natural".

Nothing we do in our lives is "natural". Natural is hunting and gathering. Natural is sleeping under a tree. Natural is being constantly pregnant between the ages of 11 and 35. Natural is dying in your thirties of rotten teeth. In short, natural, the way modern people use the word, is what happens if you don't do something to oppose entropy.

So do not mistake natural for good, healthy, or desirable.

You are not trying to live as you would in the natural state of humanity... you are trying to do far, far better than that. Doing far, far, better than that is why humans invented civilization and technology in the first place. We are trying to improve our lives over the state of "natural".

When you shave your legs, you are not just imitating a young, healthy, high-estrogen girl's pale, fine, and less-visible leg hair... you are exaggerating it. When I lift heavy barbells, I am not simply imitating the effects of high natural testosterone, I am greatly exceeding them. A house built of timber and drywall isn't a substitute for a shade tree on the African savannah, or a cave... it is a vast improvement upon it. Willow bark is natural. Ibuprofen is not. Guess which one works better?

The history of human civilization is nothing but the story of how humans tried to improve upon nature... and usually succeeded. This required effort. This required humans to leave their comfort zone, and do things they they had not tried before. This required the willingness to plan, try, fail, plan again, and try again.

If you don't want to cultivate those things, then the notion that everything worth doing should be "natural" will seem very tempting. But this is just wishful thinking. If improvement were easy, it would not be considered improvement, because everyone would already have done it.

You're going to have to work.

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