Hi girls.

I'm in an economics course at my university relating to women in the economy. We're on the portion on marriage right now and it's told from a a rational, numerical perspective - just thought I'd share something I found fascinating:

In the United States today, women far outnumber men on university/college campuses - it's something like 114 women to every 100 men enrolled. Considering women historically and today want to marry a man with either an identical education level or higher, that means that fourteen women must marry a man with a lower education than herself.

This means that girls in college are at an obvious disadvantage if they want to marry an educated man. Since the demand exceeds the supply, women are in competition with one another to marry purely from a numerical standpoint.

I was already into pretty traditional gender roles myself because that's just what I'm like personally - but now I'm entirely convinced. Marrying someone educated is important to me, partly because that's just what I'm attracted to, and partly because education, generally speaking, leads to greater success.

Knowing that men quite literally have their pick at us, we really have to work hard at making ourselves the most attractive mate, and not only physically. This is yet another reason to be RPW.

Hope everything is going well with all of you. I'd like to be more active on this reddit, but there are only so many hours in a day with school & work & an outside life. I still have time to lurk occasionally and I really do appreciate all the insightful posts here.