Hi ladies, I'm fairly new to RPW and have been trying to read up on as much as I can to really get a good idea of all that it encompasses. So far I'm very excited to have found you all.

One issue that I haven't seen come up in the RPW posts so far is that of emotional support. I understand that as women, we can find the best emotional support from a healthy group of female friends. But I am curious to know, in RP relationships, have any of you been successful in cultivating strong bonds of emotional support? How about overcoming insecurity?

I ask because I believe many of us have a tendency to lay out our insecurities on our SOs, hoping they'll rise to the occasion in a "protector" way, but I believe this often backfires. It's important not to burden them with too much of the insanity resulting from mood swings, insecurities, hormones, or just general life stress, so how do you cope? Where do you get emotional support from? We're not robots or superwomen, so I'm eager to hear realistic solutions for finding that inner-balance and also how it can contribute to a healthy, happy, emotionally-fulfilling and supportive RP relationship.