Ever had an ex that left you but keeps looking for your attention?

April 4, 2016

I want to take a moment again express my disappointment with the old moderation team. Apparently they have not yet moved on, but instead have been spending the day attempting to troll RPW, perhaps out of sheer bitterness.

While their attempts have been futile, their goal was to try to poke holes in the new moderation team's stance, maybe as a petty final word on their way out the door (As though deleting as many posts as they could and erasing the sidebar wasn't enough). It's sad to see that they've resorted to this.

I'm sure they are also trying to make it hard to know who will be a genuine poster and who is simply here to troll. Luckily our level-headed community and moderation team will be happy to answer these made-up questions, even from the trolls, because our ideas stand up to scrutiny.

To the ex mods, shame on you for what you're doing. Stay gone, you clearly do not have these women's best interest at heart.

And now the wall of shame, yes, we know you have a lot of alts. Not something to be proud of girls. Time to move on.





This is not an exhaustive list.

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