Hi ladies!

Okay. So. Background info on myself:

22 female. College graduate. In great shape, workout regularly. Have a very curvy figure. A real one too, not the ones FPH make fun of. Bobbed blonde hair, like Taylor swifts. Very feminine on me. I'm Caucasian and have blue eyes. I am VERY RP by nature. I always have been, and didn't know what to call it until finding reddit. I have many hobbies (including art, video gaming, reading, hiking/anything nature, conventions, writing, and sports) I have a tough girl side of me that my dad instilled in me since I am an only child. Ie, I don't mind dirty work if I have to do it. I can fend for myself if necessary. And I basically never complain about problems because my parents taught me how to be strong with them. I can basically be very self reliant. On the other hand, I LOVE being feminine. I wear skirts and dresses, hair and makeup is always done (in a soft style that is still "me") I have a high libido and never say no to sex with a boyfriend. And I have only ever had 2 sexual partners, both long term relationships

Okay...so that's me in a nutshell. Now to the issue. My first boyfriend was Beta who thought he was red pill. I basically realized I had a girlfriend when dating him. Got along great, had same interests, but I was young (18) and was in love with love rather than him. He was kind of feminine too. Dated him for 3 years. My most recent ex was alpha as f*ck. Dated him for 1 year. It ended because he was spinning plates while dating me because he didn't like letting a girl get too close to his heart. I left him for that.

I have realized recently that I can't rely on anyone for my well being. I am responsible for my own happiness and success. Others can aid in success, but in the end, your life is your own, and yours only. My degree is in anthropology. I can't use it atm to find a job. I'd have to go back to school, and be locked into the career for at least 20 years before I can be renown for anything.

So I am now single, and need a career. I wanted to wait on my knight in shining armor so I could dote on him and make him feel like a king while I feel like his queen. I am VERY subservient in a relationship. I love being the submissive one, while the man is more dominant. But I am afraid I cant, and shouldn't, rely on a man for something like that.

So back to my career. I've decided Air Force, and will be going into the Intel field. I am already signed up and everything, in the DEP program (waiting for when I go to basic). I am so excited. I feel like me finally, with my own identity. I can leave the military when my service is up and find a nice six fig salary job in other Intel fields. I get to travel the world, etc.

TL;DR -to the main point- However, upon lurking in RP subs, I realize something - I'll be in the latter half of my twenties when I am ready to settle down, as that is when I would be getting out of the Air Force. In RP forums, it seems a woman expires at 25. I am terrified I will be doomed to a single life with being around 28 or 29 when out or the service. I love companionship, as that's why I've only had two sexual partners, both LTRs. I want a kid. I want a hubby to grow old with. But In my last relationship, my RP bf had two othe girls on the side that I didn't know about until the end because he said he is entitled to that. I am also worried that if I do somehow find someone willing to marry my old butt I might have to accept he could be a man hoe, but it's my duty to give in to him...but I can't do it. So am I screwed? I can only date dominate, RP men as that's my nature. I love serving my man as long as he treats me well in return. I hardly ever fight in any relationship I am in, as I perfer to just deal with issues rather than make a scene about them. But is it all pointless? Am I doomed to a single life after the military because I will be "hitting the wall"?

It's such a sad way to think :( I'm feeling very hopeless about prospective relationships in the future. It seems I have to find someone now and get knocked up asap and just be grateful someone decided I was wife material before men find me completely undesirable. Or at least that's the impression I've gotten from RP forums...I feel like I am being silly, but the older I get, the more I realize youth is a HUGE factor for men being attracted to someone. Have you ladies found this to be untrue as long as you remain a woman with morals and don't join the CC culture? Are the guys on RP just being a little extreme with their dating game?

Thanks in advance. Honesty is appreciated. I don't need the cushioned version of th answer if it is bleak.

EDIT: Wow...thank you all! I will definitely go through and respond to these, but thanks in the meantime for all the responses :) It definitely helped to remind me that there is a variety of people out there, and sometimes things aren't always black and white