Hello ladies, it's me again. I (26,f) recently posted about my FBW situation(recap: basically he's living with his ex and their child and I'm a plate but he's been telling me we're going to be together one day)

I finally got the courage to break it off with him. I just randomly texting him asking for my keys back and said I cant do this anymore. Although everyone is telling me I made the right choice I am still highly regretting everything. I even told him this morning that I would rather see him only once a week than not at all. He insisted that he's giving me my keys back. I feel hopeless, like nothing is worth living for. Im 26 years old already and I feel like I'll be alone forever. I just really need some words of encouragement and some happy stories. Ladies how did you move on and get over past guys/relationships that didn't work out? How did you meet your new and current awesome SOs?