Hi ladies! I'd love to hear some advice. Im an extreme feeler and am having a feelings and intentions convo tomorrow with a man ive been seeing. Im afraid i might be moved to tears in either outcome (he feels same way, or doesnt feel same way), hes taking me to lunch. I am willing to cut off contact from him if he doesn't reciprocate my feelings and do the dating process the right rpw way!!! I met him in June but started seeing him regularly starting in September. I want advice on things to say, things to not say, but especially, how to stay collected, stay feminine and open but not so open so that I feel like crying. Im trying to mentally prepare and am worried i might be a blubbering mess because of the intensity of my feelings for him.

some details below

  1. What is the problem? I got out of my first and only relationship (4yrs LTR) in June. I started dating before I had fully absorbed any RPW and went on a date and got fucked by really alpha man on the first date that I now happen to be falling for, he is my 2nd sexual partner ever. He was so smooth and confident, it took me by total surprise. I now want commitment but know this is rare and difficult situation to be in.

  2. What are your faults? How have you contributed to the creation of these issues? i gave it up too early! my tail is between my legs. i know this is the problem. I am a plate right now. Other then that, Im 22, i lift weights, i dress well, i'm very feminine, but i keep on letting him fuck me every week.

  3. Why do you think this (these) problem(s) manifested? i didnt absorb rpw tactics before i entered the market. This issue became something I want to talk to you ladies about because we had a particularly emotional and intimate fuck session, it was the first time i ever felt such a deep connection during sex and can no longer keep letting him fuck me without acknowledging these feelings. I mean I'm really naive because I havent been on the market before, and i know i messed up, but hes been consistently coming to see me every week for 2.5 months. our only nonsexual encounter, he nursed me while i had a cold. Lets just say i got really lucky because he happens to be a man i could see myself with

  4. What steps have you already taken to try and resolve the problem? this is my first step to trying to get commitment from him, calling him to ask for a conversation about intentions.

  5. How long has this been an issue? I feel this became an issue once i felt deep emotional attachment to him for the first time. the sex has always been great (better than any time during my 4 yr ltr, which i think is why i just kept wanting to see this new guy, again and again) but great sex plus emotions really made me feel like i was overflowing with happy sensations and have since really wanted commitment from him. so its been an issue for 1.5 weeks.

  6. Are you making a mountain out of a mole-hill? If a woman you really despised came to you with this issue, would you still think it's a legitimate concern? Or would you tell her she's throwing things out of proportion? i dont think this is out of proportion. please help me ladies<3<3

  7. How's your bedroom life right now? Are you taking care of his needs emotionally and physically? the sex is so good it makes me cry. it makes him shake uncontrollably after. hes opened up to me about some emotional issues in his life