I'm fairly new to my firm - I started in March, versus the most recent hire before me starting 2 years prior. Two months after I started, someone abruptly left and we hired someone to replace her last month.

Now, prior to all of these dynamic shifts, the majority of the non-attorney staff in our office were older. Myself, the new hire, and the one hired prior to me, are all within a couple years of each other. We have a great rapport - we work well together as a team and have an incredibly efficient standard of delegating tasks. We have clicked wonderfully as a team.

Younger staff (late 20's, early 30's) to the office hasn't been a thing for quite awhile - the three of us will be working closely for a long time to come. There have been passing comments about socializing and how our significant others have a lot in common, but I don't know how to try to organize this into something more concrete. I am very leery of work friendships due to being burned in the past by one, but I feel like I have learned my lessons enough to be able to keep things professional and keep my personal life personal. The culture here primarily tends towards drinking, but I am not comfortable drinking with my coworkers as I tend to be more open and free with my words and I don't want that side of myself to be a part of my career. Any suggestions of outside-of-work activities I might try to organize for the three of us? For reference, we're in a smaller medium sized Midwestern city. Thanks!

Also, if there's a better place I should be posting, please tell me - I realized I have kind of used this for all of my social help recently, but I want my social circles to remain within the frame of RPW, so I am not sure about venturing outside of that.