I loved /u/freebumblebee's post asking RPW about their evening routines. So I am posting the same, but for single women, because I'm adjusting to being single and living on my own (20 y/o) and I'd love to hear how other single women occupy themselves! Or how women in relationships occupied themselves before they met their sweeties.

I don't have a consistent schedule at work, so when I have time off, I practice guitar, do chores in my apartment, cook, practice juggling, read, do yoga, go on runs, and play some video games. Self-care is always fit into my day as well. I usually get to bed between 11:30 pm-1 am after I have cooked dinner and cleaned up after work. This is to say, I don't have a routine, but I like to focus on maintaining a balance between improving myself and relaxing every day.