Hi RedPillWomen,

Want to talk to me on a live call and ask a question about your relationship for free? Now you can!

I’m so excited to announce this. I’ve been thinking of ways I could thank this group for all the support and hosting the AMA, and I thought you would like this.

As part of my Surrendered Wife, Empowered Woman program, I host a 90-minute group Q&A calls where any of the participants can ask me a question and get my brain on their relationship. This is geared toward girlfriends and wives.

This is your invitation to join one of those calls and ask me a question. You can use a fake name and ask any question you want. Some caveats:

1) You have to be a woman. Sorry, guys—this call is not for you.

2) I can only take up to 30 women as it’s a 90 minute call. So when we’re full, we’re full. If you can still register, you’re in!

3) This is a one-time offer, and there won’t be any makeup calls, so if you can’t make it, please don’t register. You’d be taking someone else’s spot that might like to participate. The call time will is Wednesday, August 26th from 1pm-2:30pm PST.

Register here: https://intimacyandpeace.leadpages.co/ask-laura-question-and-answer-call/

I look forward to getting to speak to you next Wednesday!

Cheers, Laura Doyle Author of The Surrendered Wife