To get straight into it—I quite literally had the best sex ever yesterday with my fiancé! Right as soon as we got home he started to kiss me in that amazing “craving” way. Now—the old me would’ve freaked out about not having had a shower (it’s very hot in the south don’t judge). Would’ve worried if I smelled funny or whatever nonsense like that. If I had pushed him away yesterday that would be rejecting him.

Because he wanted me in that moment and was vulnerable enough to show me so. A lot of women including me find it hard to initiate. How would you feel if you built up the confidence to initiate and you were told “later” or “not now” and brushed it off. It’s hurtful.

My fiancee shows his love through having sex with me and making me feel good. Enjoy it, if you aren’t in the mood get in the mood! Stop viewing sex as a chore and something for both of you to enjoy. It’s a way of connection. We went at it like crazy yesterday it was the best we were able to do what we want and enjoy the moment as a couple. I couldn’t be happier about it. We were so tired afterwards but we were damn happy. I felt desired and very sexy and I want that more.

Get in the mood, an orgasm will lift your spirits and make you feel more connected with your man. I sure do!