Hi r/RPW! I'm 19f, a sophomore in college, and my outlook on life and general view of others has become so much brighter since I swallowed the red pill. Thanks for all the advice embedded in your threads! I'm still single (swallowed the pill the summer I turned 19 after being let down gently by a guy to whom I was a plate) so unfortunately I can't put up a field report yet, but we'll see. :)

My question for you all is: Do any of you have any pressing, hard-hitting, or armor-piercing questions for Gloria Steinem? Should I even bother engaging with her (or going)? I was planning on asking her "What is a woman/what does it mean to identify as a woman?" but I'm sure the wonderful people at this sub could come up with something better or more productive.

Thanks! Keep being great!

ETA: She'll be doing a speaking event and there are always questions for ~30min after the speech.