I am going to consider my first RP relationship a success. I have been with an amazing guy for 15 months and we are going to Paris in August for a much needed vacation. Last night we were FaceTiming and talking about activities to book in Paris. His phone vibrates from a text and he looks at it and chuckles. I playfully ask what was that and he replies his one female friend asked him if he was going to propose to me in Paris.

He goes, "Yeah, I am too broke. I would have to use an onion ring."

I laugh it off and change the subject saying I am hungry and now want onion rings. I was actually nervous about him possibly proposing soon. I am going to say yes, because I love this guy and am content with being with him forever. I feel safe, emotionally, with him and we complement each other. I should be happy his response was an indication he feels the same, but he has expensive tastes when it comes to some things (Paris was his idea). He is broke because he is paying back student debt from law school and has only been a lawyer for four years.

I would be happy with an onion ring. :O