This is a happy ending to my previous post!

The girl friended him on Facebook a few days ago, so I was finally able to see what she was like. I was shocked: she was in bad shape, had piercings, buzzed and dyed hair, and swore constantly. The complete opposite of how SO had described her. She even posted porn of cartoon horses, when my SO had said how innocent and gentle she was. She had a link to her art on her page which was also mostly badly-drawn porn of horses.

I was confused and grossed out so I asked him about it. He insisted that it wasn't how she really was, and kept saying that she didn't even know what sexual things were because she's pure and sweet. He was very worked up about it and was defending her a lot. Finally he sadly said that she must have changed and then he was very sad for a while.

I feel bad for him because it must have been a shock. I'm kind of sad too, I had hoped she would be a role model for me, but she wasn't. But I'm also happy because he seems to not be idolizing her anymore. I think, in a way, the girl that I was playing second-fiddle to didn't actually exist. And now that he's seen her off of her pedestal, he's no longer liking her. He came to me and apologized and said that I am prettier than her, so I think that chapter is over. We are both very focused on the relationship now. Thanks so much for your advice ladies, I appreciated all of it :)