Netflix recommended a new collection of Disney shorts to me the other day, and as a sucker for all things Disney, I watched it. The first one is a short film based on the story of John Henry, who (according to google, because apparently I am uncultured and had no idea) is an African American folk hero and tall tale. It's a cute short film, and it's one of the best examples of a RPW I can remember seeing in film/tv for quite awhile. John Henry is already a good, strong man before his wife comes into the picture. It's not like he's a pathetic beta who is turned into a great man by a woman. But the short does a wonderful job of demonstrating the effect of a positive, supportive, feminine wife on such a man without denigrating either role. It's with her support that he's able to push a little farther. She doesn't try to hold him back but instead pushes him to further greatness. There's a scene where he's arm-wrestling various men (and winning), and she sits down and throws him off his game with a kiss, letting her knock his hand down briefly. It's a very short little story, but it was such a wonderful representation of a woman that I aspire to be like. I hope you ladies enjoy it!