I see a lot of sentiments from traditional-minded men saying that men don't really care for career-driven women, and that only things that matter for women are being attractive, kind, agreeable, marriage-oriented, etc.

But my experience with provider men who make at least upper middle class income, they do have some desire for their partner being "successful" to some degree. And while they don't search for a specific income or educational level, I think it's because it still reflects highly on them, especially when their peers also have gfs/wives who come from similar social backgrounds.

It's been my experience that simply being a career-driven woman will get you nowhere in dating, but if you're successful on top of putting in the effort to be attractive, kind, generous, being marriage-oriented, etc., it only helps you. It puts us in the same social circles as the men we want, and I think the men who can afford to be picky to that extent simply will be, especially when they have access to those kinds of women by default. They won't sacrifice their preference in physical appearance or personality for success or education, but given the choice between a woman who has all of it vs. some of it, they'll choose the woman who has all of it.

On the other hand, you have some men saying that intelligence and women who have high(er) incomes make her too masculine and unable to submit to a man, and that men who value educational attainment and success in women are feminine men. To which I've always said that not all women will submit to all men, but most women will submit to the right man, the one who shares her values and who she inspires to be a protector and provider.

My fiance and I assume a traditional dynamic despite both of us making upper middle class income, and he's told me before that in his social circle, a woman who has an elevated social background is commonly sought after in addition to all the "standard" things.

For those of you who have careers and follow RPW advice, did you experience something similar with men you were interested in?