Hi everyone! For the past few months, I've really been trying to focus on noting where my weaknesses are and improving myself, but I seem to have hit a bit of a stumbling block... This year has been more stressful with school and I'm finding that because of that, I am constantly in a very sensitive mood.

If someone close to me suggests I am doing something wrong or should start doing something else, I mentally am glad to get the suggestion, but emotionally I can't seem to stop myself from tearing up (or in some cases, outright sobbing). Logically, I know how silly and useless my tears are - they're not helping to solve anything. But despite this, I can't seem to stop myself. After a few minutes, I always manage to get myself under control, but the constant waterworks has really started making the people around me feel awkward and uncomfortable. This is absolutely the last thing I want so I'm looking for some suggestions on what I could do to try and stop myself from being so emotional all the time. I'd really appreciate any advice :)