Hi RedPill Ladies! I just wanted to share some thoughts and observations concerning my boyfriend and my decision to be honest with him about my desires.

We're in our late teens/early twenties, and we've been dating for almost six months. Now, from the beginning of our relationship, I was (relatively) upfront about what I wanted. Honestly, I kind of surprised myself, because I normally do not have that much guts when it comes to expressing my feelings directly. I guess even from the beginning I had confidence in him, and he's very sweet and understanding...and sooo handsome. But anyway, my honesty started out as a gradual process. I didn't go from 0-I want to be a housewife in one sitting. I did little things, like 'confessing' to him that I preferred it when he made big decisions, even though I also wanted to be consulted. I told him how much I admire him, and how attractive his take-charge attitude is (and ladies, let me tell you, it is so attractive that I'm blushing right now just thinking about it).

He was definitely amenable to all of this. He had his moments of being delightfully 'old-fashioned', such as his insistence that he pay for dates and small gifts for me, his protectiveness and concern for my safety, and his all-around gentleness with me, but I still wasn't sure where exactly he stood on the kind of traditional relationship that I desired, where the man is the Captain and his wife is the first mate. A lot of men/boys in my age group aren't exactly mature or interested in that kind of relationship, which is understandable, especially since we're all growing up in an era where traditionalism is frowned upon. But I was honest from the beginning, and more direct than I thought I was capable of.

One thing that made me worry was when we started discussing children. I told him that I wanted to be married before I have children, and he reacted with some surprise, saying that he hadn't expected that from me. I was irrationally worried for a bit, but then he said he understood, and it was a sensible decision. Still, I wasn't 100% convinced that we were on the same page, but by then, I was falling in love so I decided to continue expressing what I wanted.

So, I told him I wanted to be a housewife. And if anything can scare away a 22 year old man, that certainly can lmao. I think I was pretty reasonable about it. I talked about wanting time for family, wanting the chance to take care of a house and kids without worrying about any stressful jobs. I told him that I would do freelance writing and editing jobs as a side-income, perhaps run an etsy store for my embroidery, but ultimately, I wanted to be a housewife after we have children. And shockingly...he was very supportive about that prospect. Afterwards, he started to talk about how I made him feel 'fulfilled.' He said that word several times, and I loved it so much. He told me that I made him want to work harder since he wants to give me a good future. We talked about logistics, expectations, etc. I'm still attempting to get the baby fever in check, since we won't be ready for that for a while :(

And recently, best of all, he told me that it was a relief to not pretend that he wanted a completely egalitarian relationship. He said that he wants to protect me and provide for me, and he wants to be a traditionally masculine figure in our relationship. I was so happy that I was almost tearing up. I'm so lucky to have found the love of my life, and I can't wait to spend the rest of it with him.