I’m not sure where to post this, so I’m hoping this is the right place. I have met the most phenomenal man, who treats me like a queen. We connect on every level, intellectually, emotionally and recently physically. He is super ambitious and super successful. We are both mid 30’s, never been married and both romantics. I’m a teacher who is studying psychology. He is going overseas to another country to do his masters for a year and has just signed up his business to a multimillion dollar start up. The reason I’m worried is because I’m a “supporter”, not a leader. I’m happy for him to shine and grow but I worry I’m not his equal? That perhaps he’ll seek out a woman like him while he’s overseas? We have discussed meeting every three months while he is overseas and both desire marriage and children. I’m super confident in my feminine skills, as a home maker, lover, supporter and eventual mother, but is this enough for a man like him?

Please share success stories and assure me that my femininity is sufficient.

Thank you