Sadly, I missed Mrs. Doyle's AMA. I did, however, spend most of my morning reading all of it.

Her take on her receptivity of her husband's fun and flirty advances and her own willingness to always enjoy the light/goofy times all while initiating fun moments herself REALLY spoke to me.

See, I have a problem with being "fun." In the earlier years of my marriage, and even while we courted, my husband would always signal (even nit-pick) at me for being not fun. He is far more extroverted than myself and always willing to "get weird." I, on the other hand, have always been tightly wound, quiet, and all about the day's business. For example, I'll be washing dishes and DH will come by and smack me on my butt...and, ashamedly, I WON'T EVEN BAT AN EYE or stop washing to have a response to his flirt, besides an involuntary "Oh!"!

Mind you, I'm not a cold fish or a hag...I do giggle and have fun with him and with others. But when I'm in moments of "I need to do blahblahblah and then blah, and blah.." or times when I have a goal to get something done...I don't even think to respond to his invitations and advances of fun! I am disgusted with this!

I need/want to take an example/suggestion from Mrs. Doyle AND my husband. I know that this is something he would REALLY like for me to work on, and I would definitely like to become a GOFL myself!!!

Sidenote: We had our first child 3 months ago, so my brain is totally working on "getting shit done" instead of "playtime." Our sex is the best its ever been in both quality and quantity, but I'll be damned if I feel like I'm too business-y and less fun-y right now...or since ever, for that matter.

Ladies, please give me your suggestions for easing out of my mostly business attitude and into the GOFL mode! Specific actions/flirts/steps to take welcomed!!!