Hello, I've been reading your subreddit for a while and I really enjoy it, I was always fairly conservative and it seems that this is the one non liberal women's subreddit. I was just wondering if you have any general advice about life for a new RPW, and in specific about a situation I'm in? I'm 16, a virgin, and plan to stay that way until marriage. I have a 19 yo boyfriend who is basically perfect, he's caring, pleasant company, masculine, and says he wants to have a family some day which really appeals to me. I just feel somewhat off put because he has had promiscuous sexual behavior with others girls in the past. He's been with me a year now and hasn't pressured me for sex or anything like that or cheated. He's also fairly wealthy, so (fingers crossed) if I could marry him I'd have the privilege of not having to work. I just see a lot of stuff on the redpill pages about how promiscuity makes a bad partner and I was wondering if you ladies had any ideas on what I should do?