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How can I go about talking to a man I like who goes to a dance class I go to?

December 4, 2022

Hi RPW. I would really appreciate some advice. Once a week I attend a salsa class. There are 2 classes at the same time in the venue and this man goes to either mine or the other which is a beginner class where he helps the new followers. After this class there is also a latin night at another venue which he goes to.

I am crushing on him. I didn't have a crush in a really long time. He is really good looking and there are always women near him. He is so polite and friendly too. If he is ever in my class or if we do rueda( dancing in a circle with everyone) at the end of the class he will sometimes try to make small talk inbetween dancing and has asked me if I do any other type of dance, if I'm going to the latin party after etc(although I'm aware he probably does this with others too).

I really like him but don't want to seem desperate or cringy to him. I want to do things in a feminine way. I’m sure lots of women like him. I really don’t know how I can approach this. After the class there is abit of social dancing which he always does before the next class starts. I just don’t know how to start speaking and escalating things. He mostly has people around him before class. I don’t even know if he has a girlfriend. There is a salsa group chat on WhatsApp and I saw him on there but think it would be abit weird to text him. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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