My husband wants to hire a woman who calls herself a business consultant to help him be better at his job. She requires a one year contract that will cost almost four grand, which is a lot for us. He asked me for my input, and I told him it's doubtful that she could help him enough to be worth her fee. He's already almost capped out at the job he wants to be better at. We have a lot going on in our lives--he is also trying to get a side business going and we are also kind of in the process of changing religions and want to start having kids this coming year. I would hate to see him frustrate himself with something unhelpful and costly.

I've gotten a bad vibe from this woman since I met her. She seems nice enough, but manipulative too. She does not have her personal life together and comes off as a little codependent, like giving compliments or divulging bits of personal information that are inappropriate for having just met her. My spidey sense does not feel good about involving her in our lives.

When I tell my husband why I don't think he should hire this woman, he says my reasons are not valid. I don't want to argue with him and this has become a touchy subject. It's true I could be wrong. How can I handle this in a way we won't regret?