Lately, I've been seeing rising submissions in the hour by using /r/all, my subreddits are not there and it collectively lets you see all the rising submissions that hour. I read. This, I now realize, was a mistake. Some of the other subs like /r/relationships have such a hard time and they are like a echo chamber for women to assign all faults to their SO. They belittle and emasculate the SO and they get upvotes galore, but if someone mentions that the OP also had a hand in it, downvotes into oblivion. I have a hard time with this. /r/redpillwomen is one of the only subs I see women actually saying things like "I haven't thought of it like that" or "your comment puts things in perspective" or where people take their time showing each other how to improve oneself, while helping your Captain achieve their goals and running a household smoothly. The other subs give outright HORRIBLE advice when the main themes are communication and self-esteem issues and encourage the female to "punish" their SO with not speaking/no sex...and so on.


Why is it so hard for people, especially women, to see what they have put into an argument/misscommunication and have empathy for the one they love? Why are people encouraging hate speech on their SO when they are being the hypocrite themselves?

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