I've managed to do my best for a few months now but I'm kind of at my wits end and would love some ideas.

My captain doesn't like a lot of foods. Others call him a picky eater, but he hates that term so I don't refer to his food habits as being picky obviously. I actually think he may be a 'super taster' and many things are just extremely off putting to him. Certain textures and flavours he just cannot handle-- I've seen him visibly shudder.

Things he won't touch with a ten foot pole:

Bread (any type) Fruit (any type) Most veggies

As you can see this doesn't leave me with many choices.... Or maybe I'm just not creative enough. This is where I need your help!

We have discovered that there are things he does actually like but just thought he didn't because he didn't like the way his mum cooked them. He has been good about trying new things but there are many things he still won't even try. Of course I don't press the issue because I don't want to be annoying-- he gets plenty of grief over it from others. But whenever I try and go through a cookbook or meal ideas with him he doesn't really want to try anything.

Essentially there's only about four or five meals I make and as you can probably imagine, I'm sick to death of them. I try and introduce new dishes but they aren't met with much gusto and of course I don't want to leave him hungry. I made a stir fry the other night and he picked out all the veggies but carrots :/

What do I do? I love food and love cooking so this has been a bit of an issue for me. As much as I love steak I don't know how much more of it I can handle. Do I suck it up for his sake?

Of course there's also the health aspect, I worry about him both getting enough nutrients. He will snack on some raw veggies so I try and have those cut up and available whenever he wants.

Sorry if this is a mess I'm on mobile! Thanks :)