Specifically, I (f23) did exactly what ladies here are cautioned about not doing during my first bit of University. I was raised in a very feminist home and thought it was totally normal/expected to "explore" a little bit in University, which resulted in some FWB situations or having sex before exclusivity and (wrongfully) thinking it would be leading to commitment. (There were also a few times I was just straight-up lied to/led-on but it was my own fault for falling for it).

After taking a bit of a break to work on myself, I found RPW. I have been trying to internalize the values here and have been working on my ladylike demeanour, my cooking skills, and appearing/acting more outwardly feminine. And it worked! I have started seeing an amazing guy. He is 28, employed, handsome, and very nice/funny.

Now the question is, as we see each other more (it is still very new) I know the topic of sex is going to come up. How do I tell him about my past? How do I tell him I want to wait? I feel badly because I will be making him earn what I gave other (lesser) men for much less effort.

Any advice or similar stories about how others handled this would be much appreciated!