My SO and I have a great relationship (90%) of the time when we're together, but when we're apart, I rarely get messages from him. I know he is busy with work, but usually at about 3/4 of the day I start to panic. I don't want to message him because I'm afraid I'd be bothering him.

When I finally see him, I can't help but feeling frustrated. He used to message me ALL DAY long when we first started dating, things were fun and sweet until I screwed up a few months ago (which is why I decided to convert to RP), but he hasn't been the same. I recently tried to tell him that I don't feel that we're the same as before anymore, he told me that he still loves me, but he can hardly find motivation with me these days and things aren't the same anymore.

I screwed up in a few ways:

  • I distrusted him for something he didn't do. (He was very close to a girl and I asked if he was cheating, he wasn't, they were just friends.) I had no reason to not trust him, it was my fault.

  • When he first "stopped" messaging me throughout the day, I got really upset and was acting very moody. Let's just say I was not pleasant to be around.

  • Throughout the relationship, I was insecure and jealous. I feel like I wasn't the best and lost him because of my flaws, I'm now trying to work on them and win him back.

I just don't know if it just takes some time, or have I already lost him. Is there still a chance for me to fix this relationship?