My SO and I want to move to [redacted]. I have a friend close to [redacted] who got me in touch with a friend of her's who lives in [redacted]. He's been helping me find job opportunities for my SO, since I told my guy I would look for places he might be interested in.

My SO knows I'm talking to this guy and has read our exchanges(mostly skype)

Everything was really tame for a week or so but recently I had to stop talking to him when he started exhibiting really sketchy flirtatious behavior, and after me ignoring it he basically started talking about how he thinks he's falling for me and wants to be with me... wth

so I immediately told him, listen, this isn't okay, we can't talk anymore, thanks for the help, but no thanks, and blocked him.

I feel terrible about it though, like I should have known better or something.

my questions: I'm asking everyone here because hopefully I'm not the only whose had to deal with this, I guess I'm wondering what's the best way to communicate this to my SO, and most importantly, how can I gracefully avoid situations like these in the future?

thanks everyone

edits oops! thanks /u/PhantomDream09 !