I am worried about my friend and do not know how to open her eyes to the RedPill truths without crushing her. My friend, we'll call her Mary, is 24 and currently a grad student. We met in class about a year ago and really became close over the past year. When we first met we were both single and enjoyed going out every so often. However, even at that time I was not big about going out and getting too crazy because I didn't want to attract the wrong kind of guy. I was looking for a long term relationship and met my now ltr a few months later. Mary started going out more and more. Then Mary would call or text me upset because she had met a guy while out, slept with him, and then hadn't heard from him in days. I would tell her the same thing every time: 1. Set a drink limit 2. Go home alone, but this pattern continued. Finally, she rekindled a relationship with an ex from HS. My ltr and I went out with her and her guy because I was really trying to support this relationship. Not long after they made things official they got in a tift and he texted her breaking up. I then come to find out that the day after they broke up she slept with someone because she was "feeling lonely". Well the day after her ONS her ex texted her saying he didn't really want to break up. She then confessed sleeping with someone else to him and he went off on her saying she was a whore and he was done. I honestly couldn't blame him. Cue her phone call... she was devastated. I tried explaining to her that women have sex to offer and men have commitment to offer and you don't give what you have to offer for free. This obviously went in one ear and out the other. The going out pattern started up again and her partner count continues to rise. Each time she sleeps with someone it ends in disappoint. It's like she isn't noticing the pattern. I want the best for my friend but I am at a loss for what to do. If her behavior continues, I am uncertain if our friendship will be able to continue.

Edit: To clarify, we are both females. I am not some friend zoned guy. Also, I know you can't force the RedPill but what advice can I offer her or how can I use our friendship to help her?