Hi ladies! My husband and I both tend to be serious people. Often, when we went to marriage counselling, our therapist would tell us we needed to have more fun.

We're finally at a place in our lives where we aren't always busy all the time, and I would really like to put this into practice.

We tend to be homebodies -- my husband moreso than I. I tend to like to go out more, and he's the type who would rather come home from work and stay home. Even on the weekends, he tends to only want to go out to do errands and not much else. In fact, the only time we DO go out is for dinner or to a movie, and that has gotten quite stale for both of us.

Besides actually planning activities, I'd like to inspire fun in the every day. I'm really having a problem with this, because I am too serious minded. I'd love to hear any suggestions you may have.