Hello! Just found this sub & I am so thankful! To start, I’m a 30F mother to 3. I’ve been married to my husband (35M) since 2018. We moved pretty fast in the relationship but it just felt right from the beginning. Our marriage is wonderful…aside from the bedroom. Of course we still make love and he seems satisfied. So maybe it’s just me? We definitely don’t find as much time as we used to. We both work the overnight shift & opposite days of each other so we have 1 day a week where we are both off together. But I want to spice things up! I suppose you’d say our sex is more “vanilla”. (That’s what they call it right?) and I want it to be crazy and dirty and bad! Any tips to help me get us there? I’m sure I could bring it up to him but I’d rather just surprise him with something..and keep it going from there. Thanks for any advice.