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Husband thanked me for being a good wife, but changed it to 'partner' instead

April 15, 2020

Husband and I are both essential employees, but have paired down 'in office' time. This week I don't have to go in, but he does.

For our dinners, we trade weeks. He does all the dinners for one week, the next week I do all the dinners.

This is his week for dinner, but because he is traveling to the office and I am working from home I have been doing it instead. It's just makes sense to me.

Tonight, he thanked me and said "You're such a good wife." But then got flustered and said "Partner. I didn't mean that to be derogatory or anything."

Wife is not a derogatory word! He had to drive an hour today, and I didn't, why would I not help? It's part of my job AS A WIFE.

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