Now I don't agree with everything stated by TRP and RPW (probably not the best way to open huh?), but I have learned quite a few things in lurking. Last summer I ended a LTR with the beta of all betas, because I realized that although he treated me like a princess, he didn't challenge or lead me like I desire (like an alpha would provide).

I joined Tinder as a joke, but found it a fun way to meet people and get out there. Early August I met my alpha. I had no idea about the concept of spinning plates at that time, but I was one of his plates in a heartbeat. We both have feelings for one another, but he has made it clear that he doesn't want a LTR. I've realized how much I've let him get away with some of the douchey aspects of an alpha (blowing me off, being condescending, etc.) just because I like the strong leadership potential, confidence, and go-getter-ness that he also possesses.

How do I stop being a plate when I care so much about him?

And also how do I get over him if that's what I have to do?