Alright, so I posted a few weeks ago about how to make my boyfriend feel appreciated and well fed while I was between homes (I have new apartment now). Today I found out that my mom is dying. I have to fly home tomorrow morning for an unspecified amount of time. He has been nothing but amazing and supportive. Words cannot describe how appreciative I am of this. I am a complete emotional shit show. This question may be a misplaced, it doesn't matter what I do right now sort of thing, but how can I let him know that even with this horrible thing going on that he is a bright spot in my life? It's still a relatively new relationship, if that matters, but I want him to know that in spite of what is happening with me, he still plays a very important part in my life. How do I do that without seeming insane? And also that how do I let him know that this insane pile of crap that the universe is throwing at me is not normal?