Ok... So I went on a first date this weekend. The guy send me a message on OkCupid, only reasons I responded is because he wore a plastic viking hat in one picture which cracked me up and he has a pretty good job. He wasn't attractive, at all really, not some extremely interesting bio or cool hobbies or whatever. We started talking and he made a lot of viking jokes and all of them were actually funny!

So, after a week or so of talking we went out for drinks. I went by bike to the pub we were supposed to meet and he sat outside waiting for me... He was even uglier in real life but once we sat down and started talking everything changed.

He has such a magnetism to him, I don't think I've ever been so instantly attracted to a man. He has a vibe that screams "Don't fuck with me", he was sooooo fucking confident, so intens. Also he was very clear about what he wanted, a soft and caring girl to be the mother of his children. He actually asked me how I felt about having children in the next few years... Who even says that on the first date?!?!?

I was just being my soft, receptive and slightly giggly self. Having fun, drinking my drink and at one point he leans forward, looks me straight in the eye, smirks and says he is going to tell me something shocking. I'm actually startled by this... He says he is going to kiss me at the end of the evening and there is still some time to run away if I don't want that to happen. Well... That made me a little warm on the inside to be completely honest.

So we kissed (which was great) at the end of the evening and I texted him when I was home. I told him I really liked spending time with him, he responded with asking if I also really liked him. I played it coy and said I liked him but wasn't sure if I really liked him. He responded that he was quite sure about that.

This guy... I swear to god... He really knows what he's doing. I went from being very neutral to doing a happy dance when he texts me. Now the challenge is making him work for it a little bit. He is ticking basically every box on my man wish list, except for physical stuff and I don't even give a shit about that with him!

So I would go out with everybody who seems slightly interesting on dating apps! Maybe he happens to be something very special even if you don't really expect that and if he isn't you can always cut a date short.