I don't know if I exactly fit in with the red pill women. I don't really have a major interest in being a "traditional" wife or whatever. I have a sailor mouth (being a former military wife will do that to you) and have zero interest in being a great homemaker.

But I feel infinitely more at home with this mentality than I do with the whole SJW, feminazi mentality. I think I lead a great life supporting my husband and not forcing him to make me a victim because I've experienced some shitty things in my life. I look to his lead most of the time and leave the finances with him and i have no problem with this. I honestly think I've been leading a more red pill women life in the last few years than I've ever cared about feminism.

I seriously hate the SJW movement. It is so pathetic and bitter. I don't even care if all women are traditional or whatever. I just think people need to get over themselves and stop crying about everything that can possibly be construed to be offensive in some small way. I am a white female and I have two half black sisters. Do you hear me OR them crying "offense" at every comment a person makes? Hell no. Because we are not morons.

Seriously annoyed at this whole situation. Hoping this community has some sense.