I’ve been a stripper, a sugar baby and for about a month I did straight prostitution (only with men I was reasonably attracted to). Does this mean that I would be more compatible or deserve to be with someone who has a porn addiction and goes to strip clubs occasionally, maybe who has paid for sex in the past? I mean I can be compassionate about it given my past. I feel like I can’t really judge someone on it. Years ago I was so lost whilst stripping at age 18, I thought about starting a porn company and was planning to strip as my career till I was 40+. I don’t know if I should be open about talking about my past or if I should just keep things in a don’t ask/don’t tell place.

I’ve grown and moved on from these tendencies so maybe I should have faith a guy has too if he seems to have cleaned up his act and desires to be in a monogamous marriage, who states he never has gone to a strip club while in a relationship and has no intentions of doing so? He claims to never have paid for sex, even virtually, but he followed a lot of only fans girls and girls with snaps in their bio which to me says sex worker… he also claimed to only have sex with 3 women in 15 years and to have gone years without sex at a time which to me seems fishy. He later said he had friends with benefits but didn’t give details, stating he was drunk when he was telling me about it and that he wasn’t going to judge me or ask me about my past and he’s hoping I wouldn’t judge him based on his.