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Ignore the hate from other women

January 12, 2021

It’s no secret many women today are very unhappy with themselves and their lives. If you are struggling with mean girl behavior ignore it. Women who are happy with themselves do not go around tearing down other women. If you are a young woman with high SMV you will get more hate than a neonazi. You will be criticized by strippers and not wives and mothers. I am a college girl in her early 20s who would be considered very attractive. I often get called a “traditional beauty”. I am rather conservative. I have a very low partner count. I get boys to take me on real dinner dates instead of hook up. I have had other girls treat me with repulsion in both high school and college. In high school I had a particularly nasty girl spread rumors about me. She extremely unattractive overweight. She was 18 with a body count over 30 and began dating a male virgin. You can picture this relationship. Hold your head high and avoid these losers. Stay at home moms get the most hate from single mothers whose baby is the product of a one night stand. Take care of your body your mind and your reputation and you will find a wonderful loving man. Don’t let women who ruined their own lives make you feel bad about your success. Don’t feel guilty for having a lovely husband and privileged children because you carry yourself like a lady while other women chose to have tinder one night stand every weekend until they were 30. Smile, wear pretty dresses, spoil your man with your cooking and it’ll all work out.

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