I turn 22 this year and consider myself a fairly traditional woman; I love my femininity and a strong man who can take care of me and who I can take care of. My current SO is a few years older than I am and I feel like he could be the man I will marry in the future. He is also my first boyfriend and the first man I had sex with.

My issue is that even though we've been dating for over 1,5 years he isn't showing signs of really committing to me. I am afraid I am wasting my time and resources on someone who will not give me anything back. I don't mean to sound entitled but I also have no interest in dating a man who is not willing to marry me one day. He says he doesn't date for fun and is really conservative but there's still no sign of a ring or moving in together. I admit that he's treating me very well and I am doing the same for him (supporting, cooking, surprising, taking care of my appearance etc) but I long for stucture and actual real promises instead of just time and gifts. A huge red flag for me was that he wouldn't take me to his family gathering, even though I have met his parents and grandparents - he said that there have never been anyone less of a fiancée in those parties.

I want to be his wife. I want to be the best I can for him and I am in no way feeling that I'm entitled to anything more than I give back. I just don't know when to give up to avoid giving my best years to someone who won't be there in the end.

TL;DR: I'm afraid I'm giving too much to a man who will not in the end commit to me. I don't know what to do. How long should I wait? Any insight and even hard criticism is welcomed.

I'm sorry if this sounds like a panicked rant but I don't have anyone I could talk about this since all my friends are just going to say that I should only care about myself and it doesn't matter if my relationship fails.