Hi all- I've been lurking on RPW and have had an account for a while but I am finally admitting my biggest worry. I completely agree with everything RPW teaches.

I have realized that the reason I've been having difficulty surrendering (recently finished the Surrendered Single) and being more submissive in dating, is that I'm worried I will end up with someone I'm not attracted to (personality and/or looks).

I have been single for a long time now (still pretty young- 22), and I'm ready to find someone. Pretty sure the fact that I'm nervous to surrender is the reason I've been having difficulty.

Does anyone have any tips for this transition? Logically, everything in RPW makes sense to me. I'm just having trouble putting it into action in my dating life. I think I'm doing everything else correctly (big into self improvement, healthy, put effort into my looks, only have girl friends, etc.). Any input is appreciated!